Great for night mood, relaxing, out/in doors

 I am absolutely in love with these flameless candles that LED Lytes has. I love candles anyway, but I hate the candle soot that comes with having a real candle lit. I used to make my own candles but my walls ended up black. I'm so glad these are now available. I can enjoy the mood by candle light and not have to worry about wax dripping onto my nice new tables or the floor.

With these flameless candles, you have the real feel of wax and natural look, because the outer layer is real wax and they don't blow out like real candles will.

♦ you can set a 4-or-8 hour timer
♦ 12 Glowing colors to choose from
♦ Multi purpose remote control that give you the option to control the flicker

These will be a classy addition to a wedding party. Set 3 on each table and your guests will be mesmerized by the beauty of them.
Great for child's room at night, setting off a soft glow to relax your child while he/her falls a sleep watching the flicker and or multi colors changing.
Having a dinner party? What a nice arrangement these would make at any dinner party. Set them in the restroom so guests can easily find the light switch.
Having a BBQ? These would be great for outdoors as well.
Just be careful not to get wet and keep out of reach of children under three years of age, as they do have small parts.
This product does require 3 AAA batteries for each candle. Batteries are NOT included.

I received this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased review.

Good stuff

Candles look great, very realistic. I love that we can change the colors, and the flame can look like it is 'flickering' just like a real candle would. It's awesome that there's a remote control to change all the settings as well! Manufacturer states the candles are 'vanilla scented' however I cannot smell them, but this does not take away from the overall awesomeness of the candles. I've never liked fake candles, but I'm glad I got this set because we use them quite a bit.

Almost better than the real thing!

I love these candles as they are very well made and quite nice looking. They even look and feel like an actual candle, which makes it a fantastic decorative piece for any room. The small, family-owned business surprisingly sent me a discounted offer for a future purchase, even though I had not yet written a review on their behalf. I appreciate the gesture and the great quality of their product. Would highly recommend this purchase!

Highly satisfied customer!

Fantastic customer service! I'd ordered these and had a small issue with them, after contacting the seller, my issue was resolved VERY quickly. I'm incredibly happy with the candles, they look real, fit my candleholders perfect and they look amazing. This seller clearly backs up any purchase, and I highly recommend buying their products!! I am a very satisfied customer and will be making additional purchases in the future.
-Honey Lynn Katzvinsky

Wonderful product

These frameless candles are functional and beautiful! They're perfect for mood lighting or as a little light for rocking the baby back to sleep! The real wax gives them a pleasing look, and the light inside makes them worry free if you accidentally doze off! I plan to buy more in the near future to use in other parts of my home.
-Amazon Customer


LED Lytes Flameless Candles

These are true 2" by 2" and very realistic (eg irregular edges on top). Wax outside was thick enough for me to trim about "0.25 around the base so it could better fit our existing votive glasses. When lit color is a bit orange-ish but flickering effect makes them look like the real thing.

I bought these for the Holidays and I'm thrilled that I did. I looked at many different brands and style varieties on line and I took a chance on these because they seemed to be what I wanted (while not having the luxury to actually hold them in my hands). I chose correctly because I love these things. I CANNOT be having an open flame in the house and these are just about as close to real looking as you can get!

I bought these for the Holidays and I'm thrilled that I did. I looked at many different brands and style varieties on line and I took a chance on these because they seemed to be what I wanted (while not having the luxury to actually hold them in my hands). I chose correctly because I love these things. I CANNOT be having an open flame in the house and these are just about as close to real looking as you can get!

he flicker is perfect and creates a very natural effect to go with the soft curve of the wax. Not only do I recommend these flameless candles, but I will be buying more and hope to find them in a variety of sizes and colors. They are beautiful. I have included a picture but even that does not do them justice.

Just received today and really like the look and the flame of these. Nice enough to display by themselves, in candle holders or in lanterns.
Side note - they smell like crayons; light scent ... which is not a problem for me and it's not an overpowering scent but just passing on info because it says they are unscented.
Hopefully they are durable and I have no problems.
Based on look, would definitely order more.
Fast shipping. Fabulous customer service!
I now have 5 sets of these. LOVE THEM!

These are just a little taller than a standard tea light, but they fit in every holder I use standard tea lights in. Love that they have a timer as that is hard to find in a tea light size. Love!!

These are pretty anytime but come nightfall they are beautiful. I especially love the color changing setting, it's so relaxing. Without a flame you can put them anywhere. These are a wonderful gift idea.

I filled my fireplace with several different sizes, so the remote control is pretty worthless, as I would have to keep up with several! But the effect is beautiful and so much easier than having to deal with wood and ashes.

I ordered 3 sets of these candles and are so delighted with them. They feel like real candles to the touch. I have one set on the coffee table in a holiday arrangement and another set in a large lantern. The convenience of the candles appearing so real in appearance, the flicker of the flame, and the use of a remote turning them on/off allows you to provide the perfect ambience for your holiday decor as well as the safety that no one will be burned or a fire starting if you forget to "blow out the candles".
The price is much less than the big box craft and home decor stores. I intend to order several more sets to give to friends and family for the holidays.

I bought them to light for my son at the end of Marine boot camp. The color combinations are awesome! 

Perfect, perfect, and perfect!!

Beautiful real wax candles. They flicker very nicely and I love that I can change the colors. Putting the batteries in was very easy, as well as using the remote. I turned the candles sideways, so that the point faces the front and they look larger that way.

Very nice it was a finishing touch for a lantern love the remote for turning it off and on.

Just the perfect fit love them!

This is such a beautiful candle! I don't think I'll ever buy anything but flameless candles again. They're so convenient, look realistic, I can have multiple candles lit at the same time without competing scents, and they're safe. It's great to buy from a reputable seller like LED Lytes because you know the quality is consistent. This candle needs nothing more than batteries, but I always see the decorative possibilities. This will be the ideal gift for friends and family.

I was looking for flameless pillars in just the right color and I found them. They work great and I love the remote control operation.

Light turned out perfect just as I expected. Was looking for something to go on the day of mantle to match centerpiece.

Beautiful candles and quick shipping. Thanks!!
I recommend!

I'm in love with these LED candles! I have migraines and I'm sensitive to even unscented candles because of fumes and smoke, yet candles used to be a part of my everyday decor and I really missed relaxing with them. I also have a young, frisky cat who loves to knock things over. Imagine how happy I was to find this solution that has no fumes and smoke and is totally safe around the crazy cat. I love that if I have a migraine, I can turn off the flicker and have a steady light, which is easier on the eyes. Or, just turn them all off from bed with the remote! They are made of wax with an uneven lip and the light is nice and far down inside, so they look pretty realistic. The price on Amazon cannot be beat. They were packaged well and arrived in perfect shape. I want another set for my living room!

We were thrilled with these flameless candles! We do a Candlelight Labyrinth Walk every New Year's Eve. Temperatures tend to drop way below freezing here in Northern Nevada. We always had trouble using real candles in the jars as they didn't burn as bright and it would get difficult to re-light them because the lighters did not work well with the chilly temperatures. We thought we'd try 2 cases of these instead and they worked great. They even burned brighter than real candles. We highly recommend these.

My second purchase from LED Lytes--have been pleased with these. I use them in my music studio for atmosphere and they've appeared on stage with me... see left side of the attached photo (the votive sized candles are also from LED Lytes). You wouldn't see me putting *real* candles on my amp, but these were perfect, with a realistic color and flicker, and I got positive comments about the sanctuary I'd set up for myself in the corner. I generally stick with the yellow color for realism, but it's nice to have the remote and ability to change the colors to something more exotic (flicker setting is also optional). There's an "off" button on the remote, but (as the instructions suggest) I recommend using the manual switch on the bottom to conserve battery life.

Beautiful. Work as advertised. My favorite is the multicolor mode. The colors just keep changing. Very relaxing. Love the real wax. I get many compliments on these. They go through batteries a little quickly especially since each candle requires 3, but it is worth it. I love having the beauty of candles without the danger.

These tea lights have a soft amber glow and flicker lightly. They ARE PERFECT for the coconut lanterns I make. Many I have tried "flash" rather than "flicker," which can be distracting. These lights have the right balance of color and "life."

Really love these candles.have remote where you can set timer from 4 to 6 hours.there made from some sort of wax so they look just like real candles without the mess or having to get new ones,like the flicker option they have..can't beat them.I went ahead and got the color ones that's how much I like them.

I got my candles in a timely fashion and I love them they're super easy to turn on and place throughout the house ...I will totally be ordering more of these .

Awesome amazing excellent product. If I ever need to buy flameless candles again or add to existing ones theses r it. Perfect flicker soft color nice glow.

These flameless candles are lovely. They're battery operated; common button cell batteries are included. The amber flames flicker like real candles. There's an on/off and timer switch on the bottom of each candle. I think the best feature is these are made of real wax. They look authentic and that's what most want from a LED candle. I'm absolutely happy with this purchase. I'd even say I'm impressed. I display mine from halloween through the new year.

Additionally, they arrived in a really nice box that can be used for safely storing these delicate candles over and over again.

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