June 2015 – Already ranked within the top five candle sets on, LED Lytes brand new vanilla scented flameless candles are an immediate hit. These candles were only made available online last month and they are receiving consistent positive reviews. Not only do they have an alluring vanilla scent, they can be set by a timer and the colored flame can be changed as desired. To officially celebrate the arrival of this new product, LED Lytes is offering a massive discount, only while current supplies last.

“We sell a wide range of flameless candles and although we have only recently got this style in stock, we can already tell that it’s going to be one of our best sellers”, said Ms. Schmidt, CEO and founder of LED Lytes. “Everyone loves the versatility of these candles. The ability to change colors at the press of a switch and set timers to turn them on or off is a massive draw-card. Also, because they are carved out of real wax they don’t have that artificial feel. The flame sits well inside the candle and flickers just like a real candle. The only difference is that you don’t have to worry about any of the safety concerns associated with real candles.”

Customers like Lauren Corson are very impressed with this latest release from LED Lytes: “Absolutely love these. What I like to do with these is turn them on when I am watching television in the evening. I turn them on and turn of all the other lighting in the room. These you just enough light to not be over bearing. They set the mood for relaxation. The fact that it comes equipped with a remote control is awesome. Also love the colors. These are great to have in place of real candles so in the event that you do fall asleep while you are relaxing, it is not a fire hazard. The quality of the materials is excellent. They are very simple to use and can be wiped off with a duster in the event of dust accumulation. All in all, I was very pleased with the product.”

The new multicolored vanilla scented flameless candles are sold in sets of three. They can be used in any location to add ambiance, whether it’s at home or a special function. They come with a two year money back guarantee and free shipping for any orders over $35. Long lasting, attractive, and safe, LED Lytes is confident that customers will love this product.

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