February 2015 – LED Lytes is delighted to celebrate their first anniversary supplying highly popular LED votive candles on In the past twelve months the company has gained a solid reputation for their devotion to premium quality products and attentive customer service. Their highly practical, realistic LED votive candles are affordable, easy to use, and long lasting. These qualities have enabled LED Lytes to forge ahead of the competition, now ranking within the Top 5 retailers for votive candles. This is an achievement the company hopes to maintain and excel in over the coming years.

In a recent interview with CEO and co-founder of LED Lytes, Ms. Schmidt highlighted some of the features of their LED votive candles that have made this product so popular: “Battery operated candles are not a new phenomena, however, we offer something unique with our product that customers love. Our candles are made using real wax and have the same shape and curvatures that you would expect with normal candles. This means that you can set the ambience associated with burning traditional candles, but without the fire risks, smell and mess. They look amazing and our customers love them.”

LED Lytes flameless candles measure 2” tall and 2” wide. They come in packs of six, all with a lithium battery already installed. These batteries will last for approximately 100 hours and can easily be replaced as necessary. The “flame” has a slight flicker and sits an inch inside the wax rim to mimic the look and feel of traditional candles. Pillar style and ivory in color, these LED votive candles are both chic and attractive.

Ms. Schmidt explains the wide appeal of their LED candles: “We have a very broad
customer base which is one of the reasons why our business has been so successful. They are popular in restaurants, at home, and at special events such as weddings, engagement parties, birthdays and other celebrations. They can be used to soften the surroundings or create a romantic, intimate atmosphere. You can use them in settings where naked flames are not allowed, or where children are present. There is no fire risk using our LED votive candles, which is great in any situation.”

LED Lytes is devoted to customer satisfaction. They offer a two year warranty, giving customers peace of mind and the added reassurance that these are quality LED votive candles. With plenty of five star customer reviews and increasing consumer demand, LED Lytes is confident that 2015 is going to be a very successful year. Currently these candles are discounted on This sales event is for a limited time only.

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