June 2015 – In 2014, LED Lytes launched into the spotlight when they released their exclusive range of flameless candles. Imitation candles are not a new concept; however LED Lytes has taken the idea a step forward and created truly impressive designs. So realistic, it’s easy to forget that these candles are not real. Made using real wax and a battery operated flame that flickers like a normal candle, the authenticity is difficult to fault. LED Lytes has been very successful with these candles, celebrating phenomenal sales and outstanding customer feedback. Now the company is excited to announce that they are launching their new website:

“We now have an established range of top quality flameless candles and we are gradually increasing our inventory. In addition to our selection of candles on, we also wanted to create a website that would act as another point of interaction with our customers”, explains CEO and founder of LED Lytes, Ms. Ms. Schmidt. “Anyone interested in learning more about our products can visit our new website. Here they will find information about our company, the range of candles we have on offer, plus plenty of photos and videos showing the candles in action. Visitors can also see customer testimonials and contact us with any questions they may have. You can also view all our current special deals”, adds Ms. Schmidt.

The appeal of LED Lytes flameless candles is widespread. People prefer flameless candles because they don’t pose any fire risk and can be safely used around children and pets, indoors or outdoors. The unique design of LED Lytes flameless candles has made them very popular with weddings, engagement parties, restaurants, birthday celebrations, and any other occasion where candles are traditionally used. LED Lytes is committed to building their business and understands the importance of customer satisfaction. All their candles are covered by a two year warranty and the company frequently offers special discounts and other promotional events.

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