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June 2015 – LED Lytes is one of the leading retailers for top quality flameless candles.

Their products feature at weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special events throughout the United States. Now the company is excited to announce the official launch of a new bundle offer. Customer can now buy LED Lytes flameless ivory candles in sets of two together with a remote control. These candles have a soft yellow flame that creates a special ambiance, setting the mood for any special event. LED Lytes is confident that customers will appreciate this new release, especially due to the value for money it provides.

“Flameless candles are currently one of the most popular accessories when it comes to event planning. Everyone loves the ambience created by candles, but no one likes the mess, smell, and fire hazard they present. By using flameless candles you get the best of both worlds. Our new 2-piece set, together with an easy to operate on/off remote, will give users plenty of peace of mind and great control over how the candles are used”, explains Ms. Schmidt, CEO and founder of LED Lytes.

Unlike other flameless candles, LED Lytes uses real wax that’s carved to portray genuine candles. The soft, pale yellow light flickers to resemble a real flame, generating a sense of warmth and intimacy. Each candle measures 5” tall and 3” wide, making a real statement and eye-catching centerpiece at any event. Utilizing 3 AAA batteries, these flameless candles are very economical to run. The candles will last for approximately 96 hours before the batteries need changing, ensuring plenty of use. Even when the battery life has ended, they can be easily replaced and used over and over again.

Customers like Naomi Perman love LED Lytes flameless candles and are impressed with their realism: “They feel and look real, emit a soft light, and are easy to use with remote.” LED Lytes is committed to customer satisfaction and offers a two year money back guarantee for hassle-free purchasing. Now featuring on, customer can have these flameless candles delivered to any destination within the United States.

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