Mother's Day is coming up in just a few days - it is Sunday, May 12th this year. Mother's Day is the best opportunity to show how much you love your moms. The woman who taught you everything deserves something as special as flameless candles. DIY gifts are an amazing idea but only if you have the skills and the time. But if you are looking for the best Mother's Day gift for your mom, grandmother, daughter or friend, look no further, we have the perfect gift for every type of Mom. 

1. For the moms who like color and whimsy - Multicolor flameless candles are a dream come true. Candles look amazing in amber but they look great in different colors too. They perfect for any occasion plus they can double as a night light for young children and teenagers. 

 2. For moms who like a contemporary style - Flameless candles with an amber flame look traditional yet very modern. You do not have to look for matches or lighters, you can even light them up without the remote. The remote lets you turn the candles on and off, it lets you set up a 4-hour or 8-hour timer, it lets you switch the mode from steady to flickering and it lets you adjust the brightness. It is like having a modern remote control candle but with a traditional sleek style. 

3. For moms who live for a rustic ambiance - Some moms like the smooth real wax feel, some moms would prefer a little more character to their candles. Aside from the texture, these candles are available in silver and gold finish. 

4. For moms who are into setting up the dinner table - Candlelit dinners are so relaxing. But sometimes, this is not possible with kids because they might accidentally topple the candles over and cause an accident. Yes, you can use them even if you have the highest and most unstable candelabra.

By using a realistic looking fake candle, you won't have to worry about fire hazards. You can use your favorite table cloth without worrying about any candle wax drippings. Plus, these candles have timers so they will turn on at the same time the next day so everyone at home knows it's dinner time.  

5. For moms who prefer something sleek and elegant - Slim flameless candles look amazing on top of a fireplace, grouped on a table, on top of a dresser or a vanity table and anywhere else. The good thing about these slim candles is they don't take a lot of space which means they are easy to decorate. This set of 6 remote candles also looks and feel like it's well thought out especially when they are used all at once. 

6. For moms who love to make a statement - Some moms like to show off their homes. These sets are perfect in lanterns, high sconces, on a porch, glass jar or maybe a centerpiece. Imagine this, guests arrive. You tell them that you'll light the sconces. Instead of getting a match, you get the remote and voila! STATEMENT. MADE. 


If you are unsure which set is the perfect flameless candle set Mother's Day gift for a supermom, go for a gift card. :)

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