There are many ways to create an amazing celebration. One way to do it is to create an amazing ambiance by using flameless candles.
LED Lytes candles had an amazing opportunity to star in the USS Yorktown CV-10 on its 75th Anniversary Reunion!
The USS Yorktown Association, Managing Art Director, Rachel Brennan sent a photo of the flameless candles with all the USS Yorktown Logo added to the LED candles. 
Brennan sent a message to the LED Lytes team saying:

"Thank you so much. It was really fun to make these for our Crew Member Reunion at the USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier in Charleston, SC. I needed something to jazz up the dinners and even though I was not able to make enough for 30 tables, this will be a good start for this reunion and hopefully, we will be able to sell them. We do a memorial for the crew members that have passed away each year and I would love to be able to make memorial candles for the members that passed away.

Lots of options but thank you so much for your help!"

She also added the photos below. 

1. Finished LED Lytes Flameless Candles with the logos
led candles

2. LED Lytes Flameless candles in action
flameless candles

3. Before the party starts!
flameless candles

4. Time to party!

Brennan also posted a comment on the Facebook page with the caption "Our reunion was amazing this past weekend and everyone loved the candles. We were able to sell them all." 
The USS Yorktown CV-10 aircraft carrier in Charleston, SC celebrated its 75th anniversary with a reunion for the crew members who served on the ship. With the help of LED Lytes, they were able to create these decorations for the tables. You can find out more about the ship, it’s history and crew at
For more information about LED Lytes candles:

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