Why You Should Choose Flameless Candles Over Traditional Candles (Part One)

Candles have been used to shed light for centuries. The fragrance of a burning candle and the ambiance of a flickering light sets the perfect mood. However, there are also some issues relating to traditional candles. Some people are not fond of wax drippings on furniture. Candle soots are a pain to clean and may be carcinogenic. Traditional candles may not last very long or can be easily blown out. And the worst of all, these candles are unsafe around children or pets. This lack of convenience plus the danger it brings has led to the invention of flameless candles. 

In this blog series, we will give all the reasons why you should choose flameless candles over the traditional ones. 

1. Flameless candles are created for safety.

It goes without saying, candles are a fire hazard. Candles cause an estimated 15,600 house fires, 150 deaths, and 1,270 injuries each year. These accidents are avoidable by using flameless candles. 

Battery operated candles, as they are flameless, offers no danger. It can be used by children or older folks. It can be used almost anywhere and you can put it near flammable materials without the risk of burning anything or anyone. 

2. Flameless candles do not get burning hot. 

Unlike real candles, battery operated candles are not hot to touch. Even if these candles are left on for hours, you won't have to worry about burning your finger, burning your table or even burning your table cloth. 

Flameless candles light up because of LED bulbs which are safe and energy efficient. There is no need to light up a fire just to light up a candle.

This blog is the first of many, many posts on why you should choose flameless candles over traditional candles. Stay tuned for more! ♥


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