Halloween is everybody's favorite holiday. You can feel the fun and eerieness in the air. To get the full effect, you should make sure that the Halloween decorations are in place. Nothing says scary than a flickering candle. 

However, traditional candles can mean a lot of work. You have to light them up every day and replace them from time to time. Plus it is a fire hazard, especially during parties!

The best option is to have flameless candles at hand. There is no need to clean any dripping wax or worry about accidents. It also looks very realistic and just as pretty. 

Here are some examples of how you can use flameless candles in your Halloween decorations:

1. Twigs and candlesled candles

Photo: Chris Barnes

2. Glue Gun Ghost

Raydene Salinas/AOL

3.Spick and Spell

Courtesy of Chris Barnes
4. Don't be lacey. Or do.
Raydene Salinas/AOL

5. X-Ray Vision

Raydene Salinas/AOL
5. Must be the Mummy
Courtesy of Chris Barnes

6. Witch JarThe October Boy

These are just some ideas that you can do with a few craft supplies, some flameless candles and a lot of imagination.

Flameless candles are available at 

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